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August 2014

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published August 2014.

Book Review

Good for All

by Jeremiah Rood

"Good for All" is Christian poetry that expands upon ideas and concepts frequently found in praise music. Kennedy Muitherero’s Good for All: Poetry of the Christian Faith offers poems that consider a wide range of Christian ideas.... Read More

Book Review

The Island They Towed Away

by Erica Sweeney

This allegorical tale is a clear comment on the frequent ridiculousness of political systems and the public’s fickleness in embracing ideas. Politicians have been known to use an array of tactics to distract the public from the real... Read More

Book Review

Second Alibi

by Scott Neuffer

Harnisch’s words and images dance vividly and repeat themselves in strange succession; even his most self-conscious writing has rhythmic energy and flair. Jonathan Harnisch doesn’t so much showcase literary genius as he grapples with... Read More

Book Review

Always Will

by Beth VanHouten

This sweet story of love lost and love found makes for delightful reading. Lalae Mozie’s novel about first love and true family, "Always Will", is a lovely story. Fun and interesting characters, an always-developing plot, and good... Read More

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