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July 2014

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 2014.

Book Review

Sally and the Magic River

by Carol Booton

"Sally and the Magic River" is an inspirational fantasy set in dreams within dreams. In H. Frank Gaertner’s soaring fantasy novel "Sally and the Magic River", a girl manifests her vision of conquering dangerous river rapids in a canoe.... Read More

Book Review

The Dark Tunnel

by Kelly Depin

This lyrical tale is a satisfying glimpse into Europe between the wars and the enduring bonds of family. Patrick Henderson’s "The Dark Tunnel" is the epic, heartwarming, and heartrending story of three cousins whose bonds are strained... Read More

Book Review

The Ideal Woman

by Stephanie Bucklin

"The Ideal Woman" provides a rich portrait of a culture and family in the skillful hands of a talented writer. In a richly imagined and detailed Philippines, the fortune of young Pearl O’Neil is told in a series of evocative vignettes... Read More

Book Review


by Jill Allen

A poignant presentation of autism and its effects on a family. ABC’s hit show Parenthood has brought Asperger’s syndrome and its effects on a family to the fore. Now comes Elizabeth Haddon’s book, Milo: Autistic Warrior, about how... Read More

Book Review

From God to DNA

by Kristine Morris

Stokes makes strong arguments for a “bottom up” approach to truth based in natural law and scientific method. Rem Stokes’s From God to DNA: A Provocative Journey provides strong arguments to support and validate the many formerly... Read More

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