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July 2014

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 2014.

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Book Review

Saga of Lyn

by Patty Comeau

Interwoven plots and a strong title character begin this promising new fantasy world. Featuring an unlikely protagonist and his enchanted weapon, a seemingly ageless martial soldier, and a kingdom plagued by “monstrosities born of... Read More

Book Review

Climber's Paradise

by Thomas BeVier

The question of the moment in 1907 among the male majority of the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) involved the proper attire for women for climbing. They ruled, after little debate, that “no lady climbing, who wears skirts, will be allowed... Read More

Book Review

How Do You Pray?

by Diane Taylor

Anybody interested in prayer as a global human activity will find something to like in this collection of thoughtful, well-crafted pieces. In "How Do You Pray?", editor Celeste Yacoboni compiles hundreds of brief, first-person musings... Read More

Book Review

A Constant Longing

by Thomas BeVier

If a movie were made of Halima Alaiyan’s dramatic life of dislocation, disappointment, and transformation, it would challenge credulity. In 1948, when she was barely a year old, her village, Ibdis in Palestine, was destroyed by Israeli... Read More

Book Review

Twelve American Wars

by Joe Taylor

One by one, Windchy harshly evaluates all the US wars and the personalities that shaped them. “Rough tough, we’re the stuff. We want to fight and we can’t get enough. Whoopee!” The war cry of Lt. Col. Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough... Read More

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