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June 2013

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 2013.

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Book Review

The Quantum Phoenix

by Rachel Jagareski

Compelling and well-argued, "The Quantum Phoenix" makes readers want to believe in more earthly origins of UFOs. Are flying saucer sightings visits from extraterrestrials or are they the test drives of advanced military aircraft?... Read More

Book Review

The Light Changes

by Olivia Boler

The poet’s expressive talents are far ranging, varying in word play and mood. Deeply personal and dark, the poems in Amy Billone’s debut collection, "The Light Changes", work best read together, for their meaning is illuminated in... Read More

Book Review

The Mourning After

by John Senger

Full, realistic characters advance the themes of death and love in this meaningful story. In the novel "The Mourning After", Edward Fahey thoroughly and artfully explores his Irish family’s approach to death, as expressed in the... Read More

Book Review

Happy Endings

by Beth VanHouten

Did you hear the one about the joke book that was actually funny? "Happy Endings" is a book of jokes collected over the years by Gerald Downey. Written in short story form, this enjoyable paperback will leave readers snickering and... Read More

Book Review

A Clean Pair of Hands

by Melissa Wuske

Dialogue that bounces between characters like real-life conversation pulls readers into the heart of the action in this allegorical historical novel. "A Clean Pair of Hands" is Oscar Reynard’s cautionary novel about how societal ills... Read More

Book Review

Inside the Box

by Seamus Mullarkey

Using skillfully recounted real-life examples, Boyd and Goldenberg show how just about anybody can dramatically increase their number of eureka moments. Conjuring up creativity: could it be possible to produce those eureka moments on a... Read More

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