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June 2013

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 2013.

Book Review

The Afghan File Affair

by Shannan Spitz

Kasper’s considerable knowledge of the Cold War era makes this thriller informative. It’s the mid 1980s, and Nick Gamble, the protagonist of this serpentine story of intrigue and conspiracy, is an American journalist living in Italy.... Read More

Book Review

Timeless Revenge

by Jill Allen

A gritty thriller shows the extent of evil some soldiers are capable of during wartime. Loyalty, honor, betrayal, and the effect of time on psychological wounds are themes of Frank Warburton’s new novel, Timeless Revenge. In the... Read More

Book Review

Dogs Aren't Men

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Tiner blends humor and tenderness with a skillful literary hand. Harlequin-romance tradition meets contemporary intrigue in a heartwarming novel that brings out the best in both genres. Dogs Aren’t Men blends humor and tenderness with... Read More

Book Review

Invisible Wings

by Anita Lock

Riveting, entertaining action elevates character-development and themes of light and dark in this experimental fantasy. "Invisible Wings" contains all of the elements needed to make a medieval fantasy: elves, fairies, dragons, kingdoms,... Read More

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