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January 2012

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 2012.

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Book Review

The Death of East Prussia

by Cheryl Hibbard

The city of Königsberg, once the capital of the German province of East Prussia, no longer exists. Architecturally exquisite, culturally diverse, and historically significant, the once-thriving Prussian city was ravaged during World War... Read More

Book Review

Dancing Backward in Paradise

by Emily Asad

"Dancing Backward in Paradise" by Vera Jane Cook is a charming rags-to-riches story with a heartwarming ending, memorable characters, and a riveting plot that will make the reader forget the outside world. It’s 1967. The world is... Read More

Book Review


by Emily Asad

“I have to go deaf,” says seventeen-year-old Charlotte when she’s told about the tumors growing on her auditory nerves. “I need to go deaf to save my life.” Yet understanding the life-saving procedure and accepting it are two... Read More

Book Review

Power Shift

by Thomas Kachadurian

Canadian Vaughan Lyon is courageous. In his new book, "Power Shift", he makes the case for diffusing political party control. Lyon acknowledges, “Since the proposed model will involve the transfer of power from the elites to citizens,... Read More

Book Review

The Seventh Treasure

by Emily Asad

"The Seventh Treasure" is a thrilling first novel by Len Camarda. Set in modern-day Spain and painted with layers of history and forgotten lore, this novel combines Tom Clancy’s knack for political suspense with Dan Brown’s love of... Read More

Book Review

Leeches and Liberty

by Mark McLaughlin

“Almost anything can happen in the colonies,” an elderly vicar says encouragingly to a woefully inadequate student who contemplates leaving 1773 England for America. Such begins the journey and journals of Luke Carr, the narrator of... Read More

Book Review

I Want To Do Yoga Too

by Lauren Kramer

Little girls often want to be like their mothers and do the same things their mothers do. In "I Want To Do Yoga Too", Carole P. Roman introduces young readers to Hallie, a child who routinely sees her mother head off to yoga class and... Read More

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