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January 2012

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 2012.

Book Review

Frank-3 Enroute

by Tracy Fischer

A tough-as-nails cop with a heart of gold metes out justice in gritty Las Vegas. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is a promise certainly not kept in Frank-3 Enroute: The Call, part of the highly charged series by authors Rod... Read More

Book Review

Cricket Maiden

by Diane Gardner

Mystery, suspense, romance, adventure, and cricket make an intriguing mix. In "Cricket Maiden", Algenes Edmund Dantes presents a story of suspense, mystery, and romance centered in the world of international sports, where the integrity... Read More

Book Review

Stay or Move?

by Tammy Snyder

This family-friendly guide helps ease the elderly and their loved ones into choosing the right retirement residence. In Stay or Move?: How to Talk to a Senior About Their Changing Needs and Retirement Residences, Marie-Claude Giguère... Read More

Book Review


by Beth VanHouten

"Runabouts" is a brightly colored picture book that will engage readers with its story of fun-loving friends—who happen to be boats—enjoying the summer sun while at the same time coping with bullying and the dynamics of friendship.... Read More

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