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November 2011

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published November 2011.

Book Review

Cuts That Don't Bleed

by Joe Taylor

An outwardly strong but still vulnerable woman struggles to survive her brutal past in Cuts That Don’t Bleed, a thriller about love and justice. A survivor of rape and childhood sexual abuse strives to avenge her past in Michelle L.... Read More

Book Review

When Horses Had Wings

by John Senger

Estill has an ear for the language of her characters, making this story come alive. "When Horses Had Wings", the first novel by Diana Estill, brings to mind Hemingway’s explanation of his own writing: “You see I’m trying in all my... Read More

Book Review

Jezebel in Blue Satin

by Jill Allen

Former TV writer breathes new life into hard-boiled noir detective genre. From Peter S. Fischer, a twenty-five-year veteran television writer who helped pen such favorite shows as Columbo and Murder, She Wrote, and two other novels,... Read More

Book Review

Learning 300 Chinese Proverbs

by Maya Fleischmann

Learning 300 Chinese Proverbs: Talk the Wisdom teaches Mandarin Chinese using Chinese proverbs as the vehicle to learn words and characters. Because of the bilingual layout of the book, Mandarin speakers could use it to learn English... Read More

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