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July 2011

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 2011.

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Book Review


by Emily Adams

Ezekiel: Every Life Positioned for Purpose is a ten-week daily study of the biblical book of Ezekiel. Interspersing discussion and comprehension questions with historical context and personal insight, Erica Wiggenhorn provides readers... Read More

Book Review


by Jeff Friend

Christianity continues to be a hotly contested subject in the United States. There are disputes ranging from its relevance in the lives of Americans today to whether it should have any role in government policy. In Christianity... Read More

Book Review

Tourist Trap

by Catherine Thureson

Roi has come a long way from his days living as the dancing slave known as Snowy. He has a new family, he has just graduated at the top of his class, and he has a future laid out before him that includes membership in the elite inner... Read More

Book Review

Sleeper's Run

by Jill Allen

Eric Caine sleepwalks through life. His aimless road to nowhere is punctuated by violent bouts of drunkenness and excruciating flashbacks from his service in the War on Terror. Caine loses his humdrum job after a nasty bar fight, and a... Read More

Book Review

Moo Kitty Finds a Home

by Heather Seggel

Black-and-white Moo Kitty is living the sweet life until his beloved human companion passes away. When the house is cleaned out, he’s left to fend for himself for the first time. Alone and frightened, he is visited one night by three... Read More

Book Review


by Elizabeth Millard

Stereotypes about welfare recipients abound in both the media and the public’s perception, believes author B. Morrison. But it’s not until someone is actually in the position of requiring that level of assistance that he or she finds... Read More

Book Review

War to Make Peace

by Mark G. McLaughlin

Irish writer F.J.P. O’Connell has compiled an impressive amount of information in his ambitious War to Make Peace: Machen Frieden , and for that he deserves respect and praise. Here, in one volume, is almost all of the who, what,... Read More

Book Review

Symphony City

by Julie

“Music is everywhere” in Symphony City. “It drifts through the trees and soars over the city. It leaps and spins across the rooftops. Even the moon wants to listen.” These are the poetic observations by a little girl who is... Read More

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