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July 2011

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 2011.

Book Review

Hidden Treasure

by Jeremiah Rood

"Hidden Treasure" stands to enhance faith journeys amongst Catholic, and conservative, Christian audiences. Peter Aiello’s Hidden Treasure: Biblical Higher Power Spirituality for Inner Peace and Strength is a work of Christian... Read More

Book Review

Pacific LST 791

by Mark McLaughlin

Wars are not won by fighting men alone. Those who carry and deliver the tools of combat to ports and beaches play a role as vital as any front-line soldier, sailor, or marine. The same is true of ships: For every battleship and aircraft... Read More

Book Review

Blind Quest

by Cheryl Hibbard

Bert Tucker has written Blind Quest: Avoiding Pitfalls as a sequel to his first "Blind Quest" novel, Deceived by Experience. Tucker writes science fiction for people who wouldn’t typically pick the genre, and his writing will... Read More

Book Review

My Cat

by Peter Dabbene

Kids love stories about pets. But there are so many children’s books involving pets, it can be difficult to find untrodden ground. Barbara Peer Lutz and Dennis G. Lutz have differentiated their enjoyable book, "My Cat", by making the... Read More

Book Review

Angels in Disguise

by Lisa Romeo

Editor Dolores H. McNany gathered fifty-nine letters from American school nurses. Many are unexpectedly moving and deeply revelatory about the very personal and professional reasons these (mostly) women chose their niche in nursing; some... Read More

Book Review

The Archaeologist Reborn

by Sheila M. Trask

“Imagining Mars” once meant dreaming of alien civilizations and fantastic creatures. Modern science may have diminished the fantasy, reducing discoveries on Mars to an analysis of ice crystals and dust particles, but some still hold... Read More

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