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May 2007

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 2007.

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Book Review

Homo Angelicansis

…if there is such a thing as the soul then it is still steeped in mystery and supernature and has yet to be explained… Straight out of Cape Town Izak Botha applies a wide-open mind to the task of pinning down the human soul’s... Read More

Book Review

Punishment and Sacrifice

Sometimes it’s impossible to find crime fiction packed with plenty of genital mutilation child murder pedophilia incest necrophilia and splattered grey matter. "Punishment and Sacrifice" offers frustrated under-served sickos a holiday... Read More

Book Review

A Dog Ear'd Cosmos

David Boie no relation to the Thin White Duke plays the questioning straight-man in a multi-subject dialogue with a long-dead pet Thompson. The dog as in the case of the British claymation duo Wallace and Gromit is heavily armed. Not a... Read More

Book Review

Dear Self

“I try not to write letters to the editor…” Richelene Mitchell reminded herself through 1973. “…they shoot people these days for having as many children as me unless you’re Ethel Kennedy.” This is the journal of a Scorpio... Read More

Book Review

The Monk's Son

W. R. Wilkerson’s emotional novel The Monk’s Son incorporates several subjects that not so many years ago might have precluded it from publication to a mass audience. The sensitive factual treatment of homosexuality drugs and... Read More

Book Review

Providence Pond

Love and marriage faith betrayal kindness selfishness and tolerance are just some of the thematic riches that surface in this multigenerational saga set in Jamaica. Linked together by the body of water which keeps their farms fertile the... Read More

Book Review

Gracie Goat's Big Bike Race

When Gracie Goat’s best friends form a cycling team to compete in the Summer Corn Festival Race, she wants to disappear like “a little worm…into a hole in the ground.” She reluctantly agrees to join the cycling team, but Gracie... Read More

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