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May 2007

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 2007.

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Book Review

The Women's Daily Irony Supplement

When humorist Judy Gruen’s husband presented her with a visit to a spa for her birthday, she realized, “This was the first time I ever had a facial steam treatment other than when I opened the dishwasher in the middle of a load.”... Read More

Book Review

Devils in the Sugar Shop

“‘You go through life…’ ‘thinking you’ve pretty much seen it all.’ You think that maybe you’re even a little bit on the edge of things, she thought, a little daring. Then you get a peek of true underbelly, and you realize... Read More

Book Review

Rogues, Writers & Whores

“I enjoy nothing more,” wrote Jean-Baptiste Colbert, France’s Minister of Finance under King Louis XIV, “than making love, dining well and drinking the rich red wines of Bordeaux, and I am never more pleased when I can carry out... Read More

Book Review

Reading Melville's Pierre; Or, the Ambiguities

“Herman Melville Crazy” was the assessment of a typical review of his Pierre: or, the Ambiguities, published in 1852, the year following the appearance of Moby-Dick. Other reviews were similarly devastating: “sound, fury, and... Read More

Book Review

The Civil War

by Elizabeth Breau

In his college application essay, seventeen-year-old Ruchir Shah, the author of three historical comic books, writes that he was inspired to make history more interesting for children by portraying it in comic form. “As exciting as it... Read More

Book Review

Twin Cities by Trolley

by Elizabeth Millard

Recently, the cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul began developing a light rail system that would shuttle commuters, Twins baseball fans, and Mall of America shoppers across the metro areas. Plans to expand the lines are being embraced... Read More

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