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January 2004

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 2004.

Book Review

Snuck Past Death and Sleep

by Claire Foster

"Snuck Past Death and Sleep" is a descriptive and provocative historical novel about homophobia on college campuses. Benjamin Norman Pierce’s novel "Snuck Past Death and Sleep" concentrates on a tense period on a college campus in the... Read More

Book Review

The Exploration of Africa

“In the region of the unknown, Africa is absolute.” Since Victor Hugo made this comment in the 1880s, thousands of books have shed light on the Dark Continent. Most authors, including the popular recent trio of Alan Moorehead,... Read More

Book Review

What Are Old People For?

by Marilyn Bowden

Over the past century the percentage of Americans over the age of sixty-five has grown from 3.1 million to 34.5 million. As the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age, those numbers will again skyrocket. “Declining birth rates... Read More

Book Review

My Old True Love

by Elizabeth Breau

This haunting romance is set in a forgotten pocket of the Civil War. It’s the tale of Arty, seen through her eyes and told in straightforward, colloquial language that leaves the skeletons of yesterday’s tragedies shining as brightly... Read More

Book Review

American Empress

by Pam Kingsbury

Marjorie Merriweather Post (1887-1973) was, in many ways, a foremother and role model for contemporary professional women. The daughter of C.W. Post, an entrepreneur who made his fortune in pre-packaged foods, Marjorie’s earliest... Read More

Book Review

Lighthouse Seeds

by Charisse Floyd

Miles away from the mainland population and the convenience of ample supply sources, Sarah’s hard-working family accepts the lighthouse as their new residence, a structure perched above a foundation of rock, barren of all soil and... Read More

Book Review

Barren Harvest

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

Born in 1929 in the former Yugoslav Kingdom, this Slovenian author speaks from the rubble of World War II and Communism. Zajc lost two brothers to the Nazis, landed in jail as a “verbal delinquent,” and spent two forced years in the... Read More

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