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November 2003

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published November 2003.

Book Review


by Cheryl M. Hibbard

Christian author Beryl Mears is serious about bringing back the true meaning of Christmas. Written from the heart, Christmas: A Different Perspective offers her views on what is necessary for modern Christians to celebrate the holiday... Read More

Book Review

The Justice Cooperative

by Wayne Greenhaw

In its own riveting way, this novel vibrates with the urgency of an old-fashioned Alfred Hitchcock movie. Suspense builds with Hitchcock-like undercurrents, although the plot at times unfurls with the heavy-handed intensity of a National... Read More

Book Review

Roosevelt the Reformer

by Karl Helicher

During the six years that Theodore Roosevelt served as civil service commissioner (1889?1895), civil service reform was the most divisive issue of its time, says the author, who is an award-winning professor of public administration at... Read More

Book Review

Two Years on the Alabama

by Peyton Moss

The naval history of the American Civil War offers two emblematic battles. One is the famous clash of the ironclads Monitor and Virginia (better known as Merrimac) in Hampton Roads, which opened a new chapter in warship design; the other... Read More

Book Review

Border of a Dream

by Naomi Millán

One can only approach Antonio Machado’s poetry with a reverential and grateful heart. One of the foremost poets of Spain, of the genius Generation of ’98, his poems bring a spare and accurate voice that pierces through to the... Read More

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