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January 2003

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 2003.

Book Review

Savior's Day

by Henry L. Carrigan

Imagine having a front row seat to witness the forces of Satan and the forces of Christ battle it out in a cataclysmic battle for world supremacy. Imagine furthermore that you’re a member of the victorious forces and that you’ve... Read More

Book Review


On the cover of this year’s annual anthology of North American literature, a shiny black border sets off a square painting, The Visitors II by Derek Buckner. This exciting art is so brilliant with color and movement a reader might,... Read More

Book Review

It Rained All Day that Night

It was midnight on the ocean. / Not a streetcar was in sight. / The sun was shining brightly, / For it rained all day that night. Nonsense and playfulness prevail, as the title poem suggests, in this witty compilation of autographs,... Read More

Book Review

Great Women Masters of Art

“Painting is in the mind. Art is not a matter of gender, but of the intellect,” said Leonardo daVinci, trying to dispel the myths that are believed even today: that paintings executed by women radiate a feminine aura, and are... Read More

Book Review

Rabbits on Mars

by Sharon Flesher

These days it may seem like rabbits have a better chance than humans of ever landing on Mars, so perhaps the title of this fanciful children’s book isn’t all that preposterous. It’s also just the kind of silly story destined to... Read More

Book Review

Hard Sleeper

by Olivia Boler

In 1936, on an inauspicious night in Peking, two American Christian missionaries are mysteriously beheaded in their own home. Two years later, their orphaned daughter, Jane, gives birth to a half-Asian baby, a daughter she will spend a... Read More

Book Review

Remembrance of Things Past

“I was falling into that heavy slumber,” wrote Proust, “where are unveiled to us the return to the days of youth, the finding of past years, of lost feelings…” Readers might like to revisit a time when reading was a simpler,... Read More

Book Review

Executive Influence

by Vicki Gervickas

Politics and religion have been considered taboo topics at work. With regard to politics, this is probably no longer the case. Today, tabloid headlines scream with government scandals and talking-head politicos dominate the television... Read More

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