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January 2003

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 2003.

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Book Review

The Yawn Heard 'Round the World

“Her mother tucked her into bed, / but ‘I’m not sleepy,’ Sara said. / ‘I’m not through having fun today. / Let me stay up. I want to play!’” Then-she yawns. Yawns can take on a life of their own and Sara’s yawn is quite... Read More

Book Review

Easter Day Alphabet

From springtime “Animals” to an Egg hunt “Zigzag,” vibrant, vintage illustrations illuminate a standard children’s theme in this fine follow-up to the author’s previous books, St. Patrick’s Day Alphabet, A Mardi Gras... Read More

Book Review

In English, of Course

by Linda Salisbury

There are two Josephines to this story-the author and her autobiographical character. The author was born in the Bronx to Italian immigrant parents in 1953 and grew up there in Little Italy. Her father worked as a bricklayer; Nobisso... Read More

Book Review

Fourteen Female Voices From Brazil

“I started ‘writing’ before I knew how to write” explains the first author in this anthology, “I began my apprenticeship telling and hearing stories.” What follows is a “chorus of female voices,” in keeping with an oral... Read More

Book Review

The World Is Round

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

When the poet bites into her first taste of shark, the flesh in her mouth turns blood-rich and the moment suddenly, devastatingly, becomes cannibalistic as she eats what she imagines to be a shark made large on the bodies purged from... Read More

Book Review

Finding Faith

by John R. Selig

Taylor Connolly returns home early to his city condo after winning a huge settlement for his client (and a large fee for himself) in a high-profile sexual harassment case. He had been planning to celebrate his victory, but instead finds... Read More

Book Review

101 Tips for Coping with Diabetes

“Approximately 17 million people in the United States, or 6.2% of the population, have diabetes,” according to the American Diabetes Association. Knowledge is the key to cutting the incidence and sequela of diabetes. Formatted as... Read More

Book Review

The Verb 'To Bird'

by David Zimmerman

The house sparrow, Passer domesticus, the familiar sooty little brown city bird, is not a sparrow at all, but a weaver finch from Europe that was released in the United States with all the wrong intentions. In this book, the author... Read More

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