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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $9.99.

Book Review

The Bright Path

by Tia Smith

This fantasy epic has its own colorful aesthetic, and humor carries its central trio through their quest. In Benjamin M. Birney’s fantasy adventure, "The Bright Path", a vast array of creatures collide, resulting in life or death... Read More

Book Review

Baby Snakes

by Susan Waggoner

"Baby Snakes" is an original take on the Raj, full of wry humor, strong characters, and evocative descriptions that linger. Full-bodied characters and a darkly comedic narrative voice combine in Demarest Campbell’s "Baby Snakes", a... Read More

Book Review

Molly Goes Camping

by Carol Davala

"Molly Goes Camping" is a sweet and entertaining tale for young readers about a rambunctious, fun-loving, inquisitive dog. Janice McAlpine’s delightful picture book "Molly Goes Camping" follows a family on an outing with their... Read More

Book Review

Gone Dog

by Tanisha Rule

The realities of the homeless animals in the story are haunting, bringing to center stage the plight of dogs and cats who don’t have forever homes. Puppins, a Labrador retriever, narrates his extensive journey of self-discovery... Read More

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