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Book Review

The Anderson Letters

by Carolina Ciucci

"The Anderson Letters" compiles intriguing missives sent between a Swedish family and the first of their kin to emigrate from their home. Composed of letters between its members, Wayne Aarestad’s family biography "The Anderson Letters"... Read More

Book Review

Dracul: Of the Father

by John M. Murray

A. K. Brackob’s detailed biography chronicles the little-known life of Vlad Dracul—the father of Vlad the Impaler. The literary vampire Dracula has captured the imagination of generations of horror readers. Brackob reveals that Bram... Read More

Book Review


by Claire Foster

In the creative psychological novel "Midget", a malicious conservator is pit against a disabled man who resists her abuse. In Kate Valery’s suspenseful novel "Midget", music and mystery reign among a group of mentally ill people. Jim... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Consummate craftsman Barry Windsor-Smith presents an epic tale of love, horror, revenge, and redemption in his outstanding graphic novel "Monsters". The story revolves around the fate of Bobby Bailey, a young man marked by family tragedy... Read More

Book Review

From Church House to Main Street

by Jeremiah Rood

The theology-based suggestions in "From Church House to Main Street" represent a hopeful vision for social and political reform. Edward Wayne Kimbrough’s theological text "From Church House to Main Street" makes ample suggestions for... Read More

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