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Book Review

Visions of Light

by Peter Dabbene

"Visions of Light" is a brilliant book in several senses of the word—a unique collection of innovative, luminous images along with poetry from a variety of voices and fascinating technical insights on the photographic process. Raymond... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

Cyril Pedrosa transforms his personal experience of discovering family roots into a semi-autobiographical masterpiece, the award-winning graphic novel "Portugal". The fictionalized protagonist is Simon Muchat, who finds himself... Read More

Book Review

The Mysterion Dynasty

by Andrea Hammer

This book reflects one man’s determination to share his insights about the way the mind works. "The Mysterion Dynasty" by Roger Wells is an ambitious attempt to understand and explain the mind. Topics are explored in self-described... Read More

Book Review

Lonely Planet's Beautiful World

by Matt Sutherland

Nature photography at its highest level serves to both overwhelm our senses and deepen our relationship with this planet, our home. To describe this book as anything less than the end-all coffee-table book would be an injustice. Read More

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