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Book Review

Lonely Planet's Beautiful World

by Matt Sutherland

Nature photography at its highest level serves to both overwhelm our senses and deepen our relationship with this planet, our home. To describe this book as anything less than the end-all coffee-table book would be an injustice. Read More

Book Review

My Fellow Americans

by Justin Courter

Before about 1900, American presidents rarely spoke directly to the public, and doing so was considered to be in such bad taste that one of the articles of impeachment against Andrew Johnson accused him of going on a speaking tour. It... Read More

Book Review

Aristotle's Garden

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

This book harkens back to Gerard Manley Hopkins with its paeans to nature and consequent religiosity. Like so many before her, the poet finds resurrection and renewal in flora and fauna, quietly naming that which gives both peace and a... Read More

Book Review

Amelia Earhart

by Deborah Jesseman

Amelia Earhart was not only a famous aviator and flight record-breaker, she was also a motivational speaker, devoted child, socialite, and feminist. The woman who most people think of as a tragic figure lost in her quest for aviation... Read More