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Book Review

The Girl from Blind River

by Claire Foster

"The Girl from Blind River" is a gritty debut thriller about high-stakes poker in a small town in New York. Jamie Elders, born with a gift for cards and a criminal streak, learns that Blind River is a hard place to live and an even... Read More

Book Review

Wet Wings

by Mari Carlson

"Wet Wings" sows seeds of beauty and elegance, but fails to reap much lasting wisdom. Joseph B. T. Mosata’s protracted romantic fantasy "Wet Wings" features a lovestruck biracial couple who are aided by angels in defeating their... Read More

Book Review

The Aviator

by Meagan Logsdon

Eugene Vodolazkin’s "The Aviator" is an unabashed, panoramic view of the landscape of human consciousness affected by time, place, faith, and faces. Innokenty Petrovich Platonov does not know who he is. Confined to a bed in a... Read More

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