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Book Review

No Gods, No Monsters

by George Hajjar

A distinctive urban fantasy novel, Cadwell Turnbull’s "No Gods, No Monsters" is an operatic story involving monsters, magic, and myth. The stage is set when Laina receives a flash drive containing footage of a Boston cop killing a... Read More

Book Review

The God Beat

by Meredith Grahl Counts

"The God Beat" collects twenty-six unexpected, thought-provoking stories of belief. In the text, profiles of charismatic figures stand out, as of a hugging guru who tours Northern California in “Amma’s Cosmic Squeeze,” and of... Read More

Book Review

Felonious Monk

by Angela McQuay

A monk with anger management problems leads William Kotzwinkle’s novel "Felonious Monk", which is a wild ride of double-crossing crimes. Tommy Martini was born into a crime family, but removed himself to a monastery after killing a man... Read More

Book Review

When Snow Walks In

by George Hajjar

The accessible poetry collection "When Snow Walks In" includes entries that are both literary and personal. Christine Candland’s powerful poetry collection "When Snow Walks In" is optimistic, even about unpleasant experiences. Often... Read More

Book Review

It's In Our Nature

by Ho Lin

It’s In Our Nature is an entertaining fantasy novel with strong roots in Black American culture. Jacqueline T. Small’s fantasy novel It’s In Our Nature focuses on a family whose members are gifted in the occult. The La Magies are... Read More

Book Review

Cormorant Lake

by Jaime Herndon

With a dash of magical realism, Faith Merino’s novel "Cormorant Lake" concerns the meanings and complexities of motherhood and family. When Evelyn comes home to find one of her roommate Erin’s children thrashing, alone, in her bath... Read More

Book Review

The Brass Queen

by Claire Foster

Elizabeth Chatsworth’s steampunk romance "The Brass Queen" is as vibrant as an electrified carousel. Constance Haltwhistle can handle knife-wielding assassins, airship turret guns, mechanical warhorses, and gentleman scientists, but... Read More

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