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Book Review

The Strenuous Life

by Ho Lin

Imagine a US president abandoning decorum during an Army-Navy football game, fleeing his security detail, and charging down to the sidelines to fire up both teams. Or using a thunderstorm as an excuse for an impromptu jog through the... Read More

Book Review

The Don of Siracusa

by Delia Stanley

"The Don of Siracusa" is a modernized mafia drama in which questions about morality, power, and revenge arise. In Sean Rea’s engrossing drama "The Don of Siracusa", a young man transitions from being a business professional to a mafia... Read More

Book Review

The Rosie Result

by Katie Asher

When their son, Hudson, begins having behavioral difficulties, Rosie and Don discover what comes with a weighty autism diagnosis. In Graeme Simsion’s "The Rosie Result", ten-year-old Hudson’s struggles to make friends and tendency to... Read More

Book Review

Little Darlings

by Claire Foster

Sinister and sickeningly real, "Little Darlings" is fairy tale-inflected horror that explores postpartum depression. This new psychological thriller is a modern reimagining of a changeling story, with consequences that touch both the... Read More

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