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Book Review

The Opera Sisters

by Karen Rigby

Driven by their convictions and their passion for music, two English sisters provide aid to German Jewish families in Marianne Monson’s kaleidoscopic historical novel "The Opera Sisters". In the 1930s, Ida and Louise are typists in... Read More

Book Review

Come Down Somewhere

by Karen Rigby

Jennifer L. Wright’s intelligent and arresting historical novel focuses on two girls who witness the atomic bomb test in New Mexico. In 1944, the US Army claims Olive’s family ranch through eminent domain. Against her will, she’s... Read More

Book Review

Long Way Home

by Vivian Turnbull

Lynn Austin’s poignant historical novel "Long Way Home" highlights the heroism of those who lived through WWII. Gisela’s family becomes unsafe as Germany turns hostile toward Jewish people. They secure spots on a boat bound for Cuba,... Read More

Book Review


by Ian Dailey

In Quincy Carroll’s novel "Unwelcome", a young man seeks personal understanding, a place to call home, and justifications for his own errors in pursuit of both. Changsha, China, feels like more of a home to Cole Chen than the United... Read More

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