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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $26.99.

Book Review

Cormorant Lake

by Jaime Herndon

With a dash of magical realism, Faith Merino’s novel "Cormorant Lake" concerns the meanings and complexities of motherhood and family. When Evelyn comes home to find one of her roommate Erin’s children thrashing, alone, in her bath... Read More

Book Review

The Brass Queen

by Claire Foster

Elizabeth Chatsworth’s steampunk romance "The Brass Queen" is as vibrant as an electrified carousel. Constance Haltwhistle can handle knife-wielding assassins, airship turret guns, mechanical warhorses, and gentleman scientists, but... Read More

Book Review

Before She Was Helen

by Michelle Anne Schingler

As it controverts stereotypes regarding the formidability of villains and the fragility of senior citizens, Caroline B. Cooney’s mystery novel "Before She Was Helen" is a delight. Clemmie is a resident of Sun City, a retirees’... Read More

Book Review

The Mother

by Charlene Oldham

"The Mother" is a heartfelt novel about a mother who comes into her own through her love for her daughter. In Farin Powell’s novel, "The Mother", a woman sacrifices much to keep love alive. Helen is driven and defined by her role as... Read More

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