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Book Review

A Girl in Exile

by Jon Arlan

"A Girl in Exile" is a striking exploration of love, art, paranoia, and the limits of freedom in a totalitarian state. "A Girl in Exile", from internationally acclaimed Albanian author and perennial Nobel Prize favorite Ismail Kadare, is... Read More

Book Review

My Riot

by Jeff Fleischer

Miret’s memorable, affecting stories capture an important time in the hardcore music scene. Agnostic Front was an important part of the New York hardcore music scene of the 1980s, and, as the band’s lead singer, Roger Miret lived... Read More

Book Review

Eating Promiscuously

by Anna Call

There is no shortage of radical food books on the publishing landscape, but "Eating Promiscuously" seeks to put all others to shame. In its introduction, the author boldly states that all agriculture is a mistake, farming as an idyllic... Read More

Book Review

Goat Castle

by Clarissa Goldsmith

This riveting true-crime exploration highlights the relationship between race and the law in the post-Civil War South. Karen L. Cox’s Goat Castle: A True Story of Murder, Race, and the Gothic South translates historical facts into an... Read More

Book Review

Protecting the Planet

by Anna Call

Covering the science and history of climate change, "Protecting the Planet" represents an ambitious attempt to cover the entire context of climate change, from origins to possible solutions. Unfortunately, it is only partially... Read More

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