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Book Review

No Turning Back

by Gary Presley

Events cascade at a relentless pace in this perfectly taut psychological thriller. In Tracy Buchanan’s "No Turning Back", a woman defends herself from a young, crazed assailant; when he is killed, her ordered small-town life becomes... Read More

Book Review

One by One

by Ilyssa Wesche

A twenty-year-old grudge and a rich cast of characters make this mystery continually surprising. Philadelphia journalist Danny Ryan is still recovering from the loss of his wife and son when he is called upon for help by an old... Read More

Book Review

Glenn Gould

by Peter Dabbene

Glenn Gould was a fascinating figure—mysterious and eccentric, yet undeniably gifted, and connected to the music he played in a way unlike most musicians. Sandrine Revel’s challenge, in her book Glenn Gould: A Life Off Tempo, is to... Read More

Book Review

At What Cost

by Stephanie Bucklin

In a dark and unrelenting thriller, a father must hunt down a killer, all while trying to save his own sick and ailing son—until twists in the case reveal a sinister connection between the two. Detective John Penley and his partner,... Read More

Book Review

Body on the Bayou

by Meagan Logsdon

The characters are the most compelling aspect of the novel, as even minor players possess unique and memorable personalities. Southern charm and humor permeate Ellen Byron’s "Body on the Bayou", a Louisiana murder mystery rife with... Read More

Book Review

Dying for a Taste

by Rachel Jagareski

This is a zesty literary amuse-bouche that will leave readers salivating for more. Leslie Karst’s debut mystery, Dying for a Taste: A Sally Solari Mystery, brings a mix of quirky characters, culinary references, and scenic California... Read More

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