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Book Review

The Cosmic Mystery Tour

by Matt Sutherland

Neutron. Photon. Hydrogen. Helium. Gravity. Strong forces. Dark matter. Black hole. These are some of the major players in our universal theater, and yes, there’s a fair bit of complexity to the system. Even so, shouldn’t we spend... Read More

Book Review

The Dark Game

by John M. Murray

Jonathan Janz’s "The Dark Game" is an unsettling, fascinating horror drama about morality and fame. Legendary writer Roderick Wells hosts a retreat at his secluded estate for ten up-and-coming authors that offers huge monetary rewards... Read More

Book Review

Resurrection of the Wild

by Barry Silverstein

Deborah Fleming’s "Resurrection of the Wild" celebrates and explore’s Ohio’s ecology and resources. The book’s perspective is personal—Fleming is an Ohio native. She traces her relationship with the state and its natural... Read More

Book Review

30th Century

by Erika Harlitz Kern

Science fiction and erotica both make their way into this complicated novel. Mark Kingston Levin’s novel 30th Century: Revived combines elements of science fiction, erotica, and a political thriller into a novel that sometimes seems... Read More

Book Review

Hell and Damnation

by Katie Asher

Marq de Villiers’s "Hell and Damnation" is a comprehensive guide to all things Hades, not to be left behind on the next trip to the underworld. Broken into four parts, "Hell and Damnation" answers standard journalistic questions to... Read More

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