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Book Review

Wild Spectacle

by Carolina Ciucci

Janisse Ray’s memoir in essays, "Wild Spectacle", centers the role of the wilderness in her life. Throughout the years, Ray has turned to nature in the pursuit of self-discovery, clarity, and adventure. These essays focus on her... Read More

Book Review

Sky Rider

by Michelle Anne Schingler

At a time when the West was still wild, an aspiring businessman opened a daring new travelling attraction, with gas balloons capable of carrying humans into the sky. He broke records across the West and, eventually, the world. His feats... Read More

Book Review

Drowned Town

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

In western Kentucky, towns along the Cumberland River were replaced by Lake Barkley during a dam project. Residents were told “their sacrifice was for the public good.” Jayne Moore Waldrop’s novel "Drowned Town" is about what they... Read More

Book Review

My Book of the Dead

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

No aspect of life is left unexamined in the piercing poems of Ana Castillo’s new collection "My Book of the Dead". Embracing her place as “the original Xicanista,” Castillo’s collection straddles the line between personal and... Read More

Book Review

If It's Not Right, Go Left

by Melissa Wuske

Kristen Glosserman’s If It’s Not Right, Go Left is an upbeat and approachable lifestyle guide that’s structured around eleven transformative lessons. Covering topics like attitude, mindset, parenting, and self-care, Glosserman... Read More

Book Review

In the Name of Emmett Till

by Wendy Hinman

"In the Name of Emmett Till" shares the inspiring history of Mississippi’s early civil rights activists. The book opens with a timeline of early civil rights events before it tells the stories of people who were spurred to action by... Read More

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