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Book Review

German Calendar

by Peter Dabbene

In the inspiring graphic novel "German Calendar", Olivia leaves her small Nigerian village to attend a boarding school in Lagos. She has high expectations that are based most on children’s novels, but she’s disabused of those... Read More

Book Review

The Midcentury Kitchen

by Michelle Anne Schingler

While it was once a hot and avoided workers’ domain, by midcentury the American kitchen had become a “discrete living space: cozy, welcoming, and packed with conveniences.” Sarah Archer’s bright new book "The Midcentury Kitchen"... Read More

Book Review

Blonde Rattlesnake

by Meg Nola

Julia Bricklin’s "Blonde Rattlesnake" is the true crime account of the 1933 spree of robberies and assaults committed by Tom White and his wife, Burmah. The couple terrorized the Los Angeles area for eight weeks, springing out of... Read More

Book Review

Drying Up

by Barry Silverstein

Unsettling and well-documented, John M. Dunn’s "Drying Up" dramatizes Florida’s impending water crisis. It is almost counterintuitive that supplying fresh water is a problem in Florida, long known for its lakes, springs, and... Read More

Book Review

Sweet Nature

by Rachel Jagareski

In "Sweet Nature", Beth Dooley makes a persuasive case for replacing sugar with honey and maple syrup. She argues that natural sweeteners are not only better nutritional choices but add deeper, more complex flavors to recipes and help... Read More

Book Review

Chop Shop

by John M. Murray

In Andrew Post’s thrilling and unsettling novel "Chop Shop", characters are sent into a churning mass of violence and gore. Ex-con Frank Goode returns to his medical roots, operating out of his kitchen for various criminal elements.... Read More

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