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Book Review


by Kristine Morris

The self-help book "Composure" is an excellent resource for those looking to develop the characteristics that lead to success. Kate Purmal’s insightful self-help book "Composure" tackles impostor syndrome at its roots to help people be... Read More

Book Review

Jesus Christ Divided

by Jeremiah Rood

LaFond’s enthusiasm for his representation of Saint Paul is infectious; he lays out his ideas in the manner of a scholastic mystery. Michael LaFond’s fascinating, bold religious history "Jesus Christ Divided" reimagines Paul the... Read More

Book Review

Heart Value

by Melissa Wuske

"Heart Value" is a self-help book that makes joyful living seem like an adventure: exciting, exhilarating, and worth the hard work of getting there. Mary Tess Rooney’s "Heart Value" is a self-help book that empowers people to live with... Read More

Book Review

Love and Other Sins

by Karen Rigby

Troubled Los Angeles high schoolers unite in Emilia Ares’s romance novel "Love and Other Sins". The daughter of Russian immigrants, Mina isolates herself, assuming a capable demeanor. Her father is absent, and her mother, despite... Read More

Book Review

Wild Design

by Rachel Jagareski

William Blake’s poetic directive to “see a World in a Grain of Sand / And a Heaven in a Wild Flower” encapsulates the message of Kimberly Ridley’s "Wild Design". Here, the natural structures of mineral crystals, bird nests,... Read More

Book Review

The Contagion Next Time

by Ho Lin

In "The Contagion Next Time", Sandro Galea calls for improving public health—including the public’s understanding of public health—following the revelations brought about by Covid-19. The book’s overriding question is of how to... Read More

Book Review

Wild Spectacle

by Carolina Ciucci

Janisse Ray’s memoir in essays, "Wild Spectacle", centers the role of the wilderness in her life. Throughout the years, Ray has turned to nature in the pursuit of self-discovery, clarity, and adventure. These essays focus on her... Read More

Book Review

Sky Rider

by Michelle Anne Schingler

At a time when the West was still wild, an aspiring businessman opened a daring new travelling attraction, with gas balloons capable of carrying humans into the sky. He broke records across the West and, eventually, the world. His feats... Read More

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