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Book Review

Catch the Rabbit

by Kristen Rabe

In Lana Bastašić’s inventive, passionate novel "Catch the Rabbit", childhood friends reunite for a road trip from Bosnia to Vienna. Sara fled Bosnia to build a new life in Dublin with her boyfriend, Michael. Ensconced in an apartment... Read More

Book Review

Radium Girl

by Tanisha Rule

Plain language and straightforward writing make ambiguity the exception instead of the rule in "Radium Girl". In twelve whiplash-fast stories, Sofi Papamarko tackles belonging, grief, delusion, and consent with deftness and unique... Read More

Book Review

To Zenzi

by Molly Sprayregen

In Robert L. Shuster’s gripping novel To Zenzi, eighty-four-year-old Tobias recounts his dark past as a member of the Hitler Youth, which he was pressured into joining when he was thirteen. At first, Tobias believes he’s fighting for... Read More

Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

A lonely boy befriends a charming but dangerous robot in Giacomo Sartori’s science fiction novel "Bug". After a horrible car accident leaves his mother in a coma, a disabled boy is left to fend for himself among relatives and teachers... Read More

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