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Book Review

Sweet, Young, & Worried

by Matt Sutherland

Spoken word poetry asks for something quite rare among contemporary poets: a willingness to crawl out of the writing cave to stand on stage and perform. Fearless Blythe Baird creates her written work teeming with sound and rhythm,... Read More

Book Review

Imperfect Present

by Matt Sutherland

In this masterclass in effervescent wordcraft, even as it ranges through troubled terrain, Sharon Dolin proves to be a poet for the love of sanity. Seven collections of poetry, a Pushcart Prize, 2021 National Endowment for the Arts... Read More

Book Review

The Coat

by Danielle Ballantyne

Elise has always pined for her older sister’s red coat, waiting for her to outgrow it. When the coat finally passes to her, Elise can’t imagine ever taking it off—until a chance encounter with a houseless child changes her... Read More

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