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Book Review

I Got It from Here

by Suzanne Kamata

"I Got It from Here" is a memoir about persistence and personal growth in spite of dire odds. Francesca Miracola’s memoir "I Got It from Here" is both a bid for understanding and a cautionary tale by a woman who married the wrong man.... Read More

Book Review

Alone in the House of My Heart

by Matt Sutherland

We reckon that nine generations in Appalachia is long enough for a place to get in the bones of a family, and that kinheritance has marked Kari Gunter-Seymour with an intuitive feel for one of America’s most isolated and peculiar... Read More

Book Review

The Age of Goodbyes

by Ho Lin

Zig-zagging back and forth across time, Li Zi Shu’s "The Age of Goodbyes" is a kaleidoscopic family drama presented through multiple perspectives. The novel’s central focus is a book also titled "The Age of Goodbyes"; it follows the... Read More

Book Review

While You Sleep

by Danielle Ballantyne

A young girl is tucked into bed with her three stuffed rabbits, imagining all the essential chores they will accomplish while she sleeps—polishing the sun, dusting the butterflies, and stuffing clouds among them. Rhyming couplets... Read More

Book Review

My Mother’s Secret

by Erika Harlitz Kern

Love is the driving force in Alina Adams’s intimate novel "My Mother’s Secret", set in Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union. A firm believer in communism, Regina dreams of building a socialist Jewish society in Birobidzhan, the designated... Read More

Book Review

What a Trip

by Eileen Gonzalez

Two best friends navigate their young adulthoods in Susen Edwards’s historical novel "What a Trip". Even as the Vietnam War rages on, Fiona and Melissa feel that they have bigger problems: Melissa needs an abortion and a reality check... Read More

Book Review

Why Am I Taller?

by Melissa Wuske

Dave Williams and Elizabeth Howell’s "Why Am I Taller?" covers the medical side of an astronaut’s life. Physician astronauts, like Williams, have a unique window into what it’s like to be in space. They both experience and diagnose... Read More

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