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Book Review

Afterlife Crisis

by Michelle Anne Schingler

In Randal Graham’s raucous, wry, and philosophical sequel to Beforelife, the divine Author’s intrepid hero, Rhinnick Feynman, returns, determined as ever to prove his centrality to the story of all. Those who meet their ends on Earth... Read More

Book Review

Size Zero

by Claire Foster

In the world of high fashion, no model is too thin, no price too high, and no design too grotesque. So reveals Abigail Mangin’s painful, zany satirical novel "Size Zero", about the exploitation behind the elaborate fashion shows and... Read More

Book Review

Road Seven

by John M. Murray

In Keith Rosson’s chilling novel "Road Seven", two men set out in search of the unknown, but karma catches up to them. Mark is a disgraced cryptozoologist who’s eager to leave the country; he hopes to escape the darkness of his past.... Read More

Book Review

Purged Souls

by Claire Foster

Brutality is juxtaposed with humor and compassion in this speculative, science-inflected novel about human nature in extremis. Twenty years after a pandemic devastated the earth’s human population, survivors struggle to maintain their... Read More

Book Review

Music for Tigers

by Danielle Ballantyne

When Louisa is sent to her Uncle Rufus’s bush camp in Tasmania’s Tarkine forest—“the forest at the bottom of the world”—she is less than thrilled. She had intended to spend her summer practicing her violin audition for... Read More

Book Review

Golden Threads

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

A child’s beloved stuffed fox is blown far away from her during a terrible storm, rescued, and patched together with golden threads by kind strangers. Inspired by Japanese culture and the art of kintsugi, or of repairing broken pottery... Read More

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