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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $17.95.

Book Review

Kuan Yin

by Danielle Ballantyne

With intricate illustrations reminiscent of Chinese paper cuts, the origin story of a beloved Buddhist saint is reimagined for a new audience. Princess Ling’s beloved sister, Princess Miao Shan, does not want to marry and rule her... Read More

Book Review

Solo Viola

by Ho Lin

Antoine Volodine’s superb post-exotic novel "Solo Viola" imagines a society that’s one step removed from reality. With a narrative spiced up by absurdity and a dead serious message, this is a brisk, engrossing, and phantasmagorical... Read More

Book Review

Buy Me Love

by Randi Hacker

In Martha Cooley’s novel "Buy Me Love", a woman’s lottery win reveals her complicated relationships with money, family, and art. Ellen and her brother, Win, were raised by a father who was a world-renowned, closeted opera singer, and... Read More

Book Review

Mt. Moriah's Wake

by Karen Rigby

Mt. Moriah’s Wake is an eloquent novel in which a woman experiences a spiritual homecoming and embraces love. In Melissa Norton Carro’s elegiac novel Mt. Moriah’s Wake, a woman confronts grief about her past and her resultant... Read More

Book Review

We Are Bridges

by Monica Carter

Cassandra Lane’s hybrid memoir "We Are Bridges" incorporates imagined histories and evocative memories into its multigenerational tale of trauma. In the moment that Lane decided to have a baby, she also became determined to discover... Read More

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