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Reviews of Books with 96 Pages

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 96 pages.

Book Review

An Angel in My Garden

by Edith Wairimu

"An Angel in My Garden" is a heartfelt personal poetic scrapbook from a couple’s time together. Mart Grams’s heartfelt collection "An Angel in My Garden" pays tribute to his late wife, Linda, reminiscing on their memories together.... Read More

Book Review

Blue Mistaken for Sky

by Matt Sutherland

When a poem causes you a wince of discomfort, chances are that it’s the poet who let down her defenses and revealed a psychic wound. Such vulnerability is powerful. You feel for the poet, and such feelings are what make us best as... Read More

Book Review

Go West

by Peter Dabbene

In "Go West", a man seeks vengeance on the killer of his wife and child in a lawless western territory. Gunn begins his tale with some background: outlaws have pushed the government out of America’s western territories, and now rule... Read More

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