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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 68 pages.

Book Review

Telling My Father

by Matt Sutherland

Woefully unfair. Dedicated to a deceased father, this collection is so powerful and precious, it’s heartbreaking to realize how meaningful it would have been for the old man, if he had the chance to read it. Oh, James Crews, your dad... Read More

Book Review

Ode to My Autumn

by Philip J. Kowalski

"Ode to My Autumn" contains dexterous, challenging, clever poems that are simply a joy to read. Victor Altshul’s "Ode to My Autumn" is a collection of traditional poems with a great contemporary American poetic twist. The most... Read More

Book Review

Dot to Dot in the Sky

by Rebecca Foster

“High in the sky, green, white, red, and purple ribbons of light flicker and wave, as if dancing to the sounds of a celestial choir.” That lyrical description of the aurora opens Joan Marie Galat’s Stories of the Aurora, the sixth... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Sutherland

From one line, one poem, to the next, Elaine Sexton solidifies her undisputed ranking as one of America’s best working poets. The author of two previous collections, and a contributor to dozens of poetry journals, she’s known as... Read More

Book Review

Dreaming of Elsewhere

by Karen Rigby

This superbly imagined work of essays packs insights of home, nationality, and belonging into a profound conclusion. “Home is the first exile. To belong in one place is to not belong in another.” With a distinctive voice, Esi Edugyan... Read More

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