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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 66 pages.

Book Review

As I War Myself

by Peter Dabbene

"As I War Myself" is a brutal but thoughtful novel about the deadly trap of addiction. The inner struggles and external repercussions of drug addiction are recounted in Javier De Alva Garza’s affecting book "As I War Myself". A... Read More

Book Review

Poetry the Mind is a Maze

by Sara Budzik

This poetry collection is a life-soaked, terrifying journey into a troubled man’s world. Tshekedi Wallace’s "Poetry the Mind is a Maze" is a brief volume of honest reflections that seems to occupy a spiritual space between lost... Read More

Book Review

How It All Began

by Kelly Thunstrom

A menagerie of fantastical creatures await in a land beneath an uprooted tree in this exciting beginning to a new series. Clare Jaget’s "How It All Began" is a delightful story that is suitable for children of all ages. Youngsters will... Read More

Book Review

Glad You're Not Me

by Scott Neuffer

This provocative new work from a writer who revels in exploring the darker sides of the mind creates an unforgettable experience. In his latest work, Glad You’re Not Me, controversial writer Jonathan Harnisch follows his most primal... Read More

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