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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 544 pages.

Book Review

Last Second in Dallas

by Meg Nola

Josiah Thompson’s reconsideration of the John F. Kennedy assassination, "Last Second in Dallas", includes compelling assessments of the existing evidence, but also incorporates twenty-first-century technological advancements. Decades... Read More

Book Review

The National Memorial

by Jill Allen

This poignant literary thriller explores the issue of mob mentality in the modern age. The word “orphan” calls to mind urchins from Victorian English novels or, more recently, little orphan Annie. It seems an outdated term, but John... Read More

Book Review

The Great War

by Lee Polevoi

A skilled historian answers key questions about military strategy during the “war to end all wars.” Peter Hart, Oral Historian of the Imperial War Museum in London, lays out his thesis in the first sentence of The Great War: A Combat... Read More

Book Review

Lady of the English

by Geraldine A. Richards

"Lady of the English" could just as well have been titled Ladies of the English: it centers on two quite different twelfth-century queens. The bond between these women is the thread that weaves balanced elements of history and romance... Read More

Book Review

A Race to Splendor

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Amelia stared at the remnants of her former life and grieved for every lost doorway and chimney of the grand Victorian lady. Somewhere in the charred ruins were the carbon splinters of a cherry wood bar and a couch where Ling Lee had met... Read More

Book Review

American Entrepreneur

by Emily Adams

While many books on economics focus on dry numbers, "American Entrepreneur" takes a drastically different approach. Professors of history and economics respectively, Schweikart and Doti tell a lively and fascinating tale of the... Read More

Book Review


by Dorothy Eisenstein

How does a dancer explore the terrain of dance history? How can the layperson understand the vastness of the dance history landscape? How does dance scholarship include both physical and intellectual inquiry? These questions serve as... Read More

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