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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 486 pages.

Book Review

The Dark That Dwells

by John M. Murray

"The Dark That Dwells" is a powerful start to a new space opera series. In Matt Digman and Ryan Roddy’s robust space opera, The Dark that Dwells, four strangers face their fears as the return of a dark entity looms. Human beings have... Read More

Book Review

Releasing Pain

by Melissa Wuske

Penned by a physical therapist, the book is encouraging, approachable, thorough, and determined, balancing the comprehensive nature of its system with step-by-step instructions. Nancy Griggs’s "Releasing Pain" is an approachable yet... Read More

Book Review


by Maria Siano

This skilled debut author raises questions about the Silicon Valley business world with an action-packed narrative. "Startup", Glenn Ogura’s first novel, is an intriguing and suspenseful good-versus-evil story set in the cutthroat... Read More

Book Review


by Jill Allen

For those who love complex and compelling family sagas, Hillel Ramirez’s poignant debut will make readers tear up while tearing them apart inside. In "Tear", the Weitzmanns, a family of Cuban-American Jews, grapple with the dysfunction... Read More