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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 484 pages.

Book Review

The Callaghan Endgame Trilogy

by Benjamin Welton

The Callaghan Endgame Trilogy V-VII is literary action with an eye toward current events. Be forewarned: the actions of Matthias Callaghan are highly addictive. Kim Ekemar’s The Callaghan Endgame Trilogy V-VII is a two-fisted,... Read More

Book Review

Redemption Song

by John M. Murray

Ambitious in scope but centered on relationships, "Redemption Song" is a thoughtful work of science fiction. Henry A. Burns’s "Redemption Song" is a thoughtful, action-packed work of science fiction that ushers humanity into a new era... Read More

Book Review

One Flew over the Banyan Tree

by Karen Rigby

One Flew Over the Banyan Tree is rich with meticulous detail and digression, and the payoff for the many escapades is worth the wait. Jellicoe Junction–an area in Portopo, the capital city of Victoria, a fictional former British... Read More

Book Review

But by the Chance of War

by Joe Taylor

Heroic couplet-form dialogue brings an epic feel to this survey of war and human nature’s destiny. No one is more aware of the paradoxes inherent in war than its principals. In this epic survey, Richard Lyons takes to battlefields and... Read More

Book Review

Smoke and Magic

by Jill Allen

High school can be rough on socially awkward teenage boys. For bookish Charley Anderson, at age seventeen, his already loner tendencies become complicated by weird dreams, a sudden acquisition of powers, and an alarming physical... Read More

Book Review

Yocona Puff Adder

by Karl Kunkel

Native Mississippians are proud to proclaim that they are wedded to the land. The narrator of this fictionalized account of growing up in this Deep South state in the 1950s makes that fact perfectly clear in the first chapter. He... Read More