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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 436 pages.

Book Review

Moral Fibre

by Vivian Turnbull

The historical novel "Moral Fibre" follows a pilot and his love interest as they confront racism and cultivate bravery. Helena P. Schrader’s rich historical novel "Moral Fibre" follows a World War II bomber pilot, and those he cares... Read More

Book Review

Inferno Dawn

by John M. Murray

Inferno Dawn: The Final Name is a dark, intriguing fantasy populated by intense characters. In Jacob Andrew Emrey’s fantasy adventure Inferno Dawn: The Final Name, difficult moral issues are considered in a world that’s divided by... Read More

Book Review

You Can See More from up Here

by Aimee Jodoin

In Mark Guerin’s "You Can See More from up Here", a nineteen-year-old and his father face up to a conflict of generational ideologies when a workplace incident sends reverberations through their small town. In 1974 in Belford,... Read More

Book Review

So Late, So Soon

by Sarah Kohout

Anderson and her friends capture the poise and wisdom of women who have lived fulfilling lives. "So Late, So Soon", Linda K. Anderson’s compilation of essays, features thirty of Anderson’s female friends and their personal opinions... Read More

Book Review

The Fiery Furnace

by Kenny Jakubas

"The Fiery Furnace" is a well-written, thoroughly entertaining novel of Europe in the thirteenth century. In F. Scott Kimmich’s second novel in the Ordeal By Fire trilogy, a fast-paced historical realism accurately captures life in the... Read More

Book Review

Stumbling Out the Stable

by Clarissa Goldsmith

With its focus on character and experience, "Stumbling Out the Stable" is a through exploration of modern adulthood. Stumbling out the Stable is the bildungsroman of the new generation. Sean Pravica touches on the confusion plaguing... Read More

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