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The Comets of God

New Scientific Evidence for God

Past events in the bible often have a verifiable historical or archeological basis. Though Christian fundamentalists may recoil from scientific exploration of what they believe to be unfathomable, sacred words, some experts have presented convincing theories for reinterpretation of biblical occurrences and predictions.

Jeffrey Goodman, along with other scientists who preceded him, proposes that comets made an appearance in the Old Testament, one of which caused the Great Flood, and states that cometary activity will change the Earth throughout a protracted, devastating bombardment. Based on his definition of dire prophesy in the New Testament Book of Revelations, he has laid out a blow-by-blow description of what he anticipates will end the world that presently exists. His book addresses pertinent information lost in bad translations of original Hebrew manuscripts, clarifying key words, and demonstrating the likelihood that his astronomical explanations make more sense than other potential causes such as nuclear war.

Fascinating and threatening, this text will appeal to every reader with an inquiring mind, even the old-fashioned skeptic who refuses to acknowledge newcomers on the traditional religious scene. Though Goodman’s work is scientific, his detailed doomsday scenarios place the book into religion as well, since he is attempting to define events that have not occurred, and may not occur in a literal context, rather than merely explaining what has already happened. His analysis of the Book of Revelations has an astronomical-Christian slant focused on proving that biblical writings can forecast our future, a concept that many scientists will reject.

An archeologist and a geologist, Dr. Goodman has devoted over twenty years to the study of the bible. He holds a geological engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines, a M.A. in anthropology from the University of Arizona, and a Ph.D. in anthropology from California Coast University. He also earned a M.B.A. from Columbia University Graduate School of Business. Dr. Goodman is the author of four archeological titles, including American Genesis and The Genesis Mystery, explorations of early humans and the appearance of modern man, which support the theory of creation and billions of years of intervention over evolution. He has over a half million books in print.

This astute writer knows how to present his hypothesis in a concise delivery backed by an extensive bibliography, notes, and citations. Though intended for a general audience, The Comets of God will attract the traditional reader predisposed toward the Christian church and fundamental teachings, as opposed to the evolutionist who integrates spiritual belief with Darwinian-based science. This time-intensive work is intriguing and recommended reading for anyone with an interest in linguistics and anthropology.

Reviewed by Julia Ann Charpentier

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