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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 414 pages.

Book Review

The Anderson Letters

by Carolina Ciucci

"The Anderson Letters" compiles intriguing missives sent between a Swedish family and the first of their kin to emigrate from their home. Composed of letters between its members, Wayne Aarestad’s family biography "The Anderson Letters"... Read More

Book Review

Dangerous Waters

by Karen Mulvahill

In Susan Hunter’s thriller Dangerous Waters, a newspaperwoman undertakes a murder investigation while navigating the difficulties of her romantic life. Leah returns to her dilapidated hometown after a failure in the big city. Leah’s... Read More

Book Review

Godfrey’s Crusade

by Alex Dailey

"Godfrey’s Crusade" is a fantasy novel marked by magical lore, far-off realms, and long lines of lineage in which an imperfect knight fights for the good of others. In Mark Howard’s coming-of-age epic "Godfrey’s Crusade", a young... Read More

Book Review

Amazing Grace

by Claire Foster

Losses and dramas are nothing compared to the faith of the good family at the center of the historical novel "Amazing Grace". In Christiane Banks’s charming multigenerational novel, "Amazing Grace", a middle-class family endures... Read More

Book Review

America Invaded

by Susan Waggoner

"America Invaded" is a fun jumping-off point for discussions about history. "America Invaded" by Christopher Kelly and Stuart Laycock offers an intriguing tour of past conflicts waged on American soil, from the Atlantic to the Pacific.... Read More

Book Review

The Labyrinth of Vukovar

by Allison Butler

This beautifully written and complex story follows decades of historical turmoil. "The Labyrinth of Vukovar" by Blanka Raguz is a heart-wrenching book that explores love, loss, education, dreams, and friendship during modern times of war... Read More

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