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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 392 pages.

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Book Review

The Assassin's Honor

by Gary Presley

The fun and adventure abound in this historical thriller set on the high seas. Robert N. Macomber sets sail on Commander Peter Wake’s twelfth sea adventure, this time cruising his venerable US Navy hero into Caribbean intrigue between... Read More

Book Review

Blackberry Women

by Jessica S. Council

Detail about everyday living in the early 1900s highlights this story of an African American family. The intriguing novel "Blackberry Women" by Ella O Williams evokes thought and emotion in equal share as a first-generation freeborn... Read More

Book Review

The Flip

by Maria Siano

This fast-paced ghost story masterfully toggles between present and past in a cross-genre blend of horror and historical romance. "The Flip", by Michael Phillip Cash, is a captivating paranormal thriller about a couple struggling... Read More

Book Review

Prey for the Soulless

by Jill Allen

The chilling atmosphere of this dystopian novel intrigues as it portrays the devil in human form. Combining the savage death matches of the popular Hunger Games series with a story in which Satan assumes human form, K. R. Lugo’s "Prey... Read More

Book Review

After Capitalism

by Jeff Fleischer

The Progressive Utilization Theory, or PROUT, was the brainchild of the late Indian philosopher Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, who created it as an economical and social theory that would provide an alternative to capitalism and communism. In... Read More

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