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Reviews of Books with 375 Pages

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 375 pages.

Book Review

A Terrible Beauty

by Matt Sutherland

Over the centuries, Americans have held conflicted feelings toward North America’s vast, treacherous, majestic wilderness, headed up by the cocksure, heavily-armed desire to subjugate—level the forests, eradicate the indigenous... Read More

Book Review

Ice Massacre

by Catherine Thureson

From page one, this story transports its audience into the dark waters of the Atlantic with its engaging, conflicted main characters. "Ice Massacre" is an engaging fantasy novel about the human inhabitants of a small island and their... Read More

Book Review

The Price of Glory

by Mary Popham

"The Price of Glory", set in 1795 post-Revolutionary France, is the author’s third in a nautical series featuring fictional British seaman Captain Nathan Peake. With vivid tales of ships and the sea, wind and weather, war and... Read More

Book Review

Women Can't Play

Virginia author Clyde Dowell’s novel Women Can’t Play is all about the games people play. There’s the every Sunday board game of war called Risk that the book’s five black male protagonists play religiously. It provides the focus... Read More

Book Review

The Raging Dragon

“In other parts of the world, the dragon is respected as a sign of prosperity and well-being-a force for good. I think the DragonSlayers hate what is good and want to destroy it.” That’s exactly what one discovers has been... Read More

Book Review

What They Did to the Kid

by John R. Selig

Stepping behind the cloistered walls of Misericordia Seminary and experiencing twelve years of preparation for the priesthood is as foreign to most readers as a two-month stay on the International Space Station. Fritscher provides a... Read More