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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 366 pages.

Book Review

The Gene of Life

by Benjamin Welton

In the science-minded thriller "The Gene of Life", three unlikely heroes track and fight an old evil. In Ted Takashima’s political thriller "The Gene of Life", adventurers unite under chaotic circumstances to uncover an international... Read More

Book Review

God*s Will

by Danielle Ballantyne

Based on a true story, Matthew John Echan’s novel "God*s Will" probes religious fanaticism, and the suffering inflicted in its name. Fourteen-year-old Sam is told by his adoptive mother than he’s going to spend some time with his... Read More

Book Review

Lethal Savage

by John M. Murray

Dave Edlund’s thrilling Peter Savage series continues with "Lethal Savage", which kick-starts a drastic solution to overpopulation. On an Oregon reservation, the young men are struck by an unknown illness that leaves them sterile.... Read More

Book Review

Shadow King

by Erika Harlitz Kern

"Shadow King" is an intriguing fantasy that balances the darkness and light of the Fae. Love, passion, and the struggle for power threaten to tear the Fae world apart in Susan K. Hamilton’s fantasy novel, "Shadow King". Six hundred... Read More

Book Review

Children of the Shadows

by Delia Stanley

"Children of the Shadows" is a unique, emotionally stirring fantasy novel focused on faith and family. C. C. Uzoh’s "Children of the Shadows" is a suspenseful and dramatic fantasy novel that questions what people will sacrifice for... Read More

Book Review

Time Next

by Hannah Hohman

Mina returns in "Time Next", the harrowing second installment in the Time Zero trilogy. Mina has just escaped her life as a Propheteer. If there’s anything her time as a rebel taught her, it’s to trust no one. Those who wish her harm... Read More

Book Review

The Hook

by Joseph S. Pete

"The Hook" is a universally enjoyable novel that has a lot to say about the human condition, contemporary society, and the throes of addiction. Kathleen Doler’s enthralling and suspenseful "The Hook" blends literary fiction, crime, and... Read More

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