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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 357 pages.

Book Review

More Than Bones

by John M. Murray

Craig David Singer’s cheeky "More Than Bones" is tale of self-discovery filled with quirky comedy and surprising depth. Dr. Emily Norton begins a residency program at a prestigious Catholic hospital in Baltimore. She moves into a... Read More

Book Review

But One Husband

by Tom Bevier

Sarah Ann Thirkell was born in 1837 in Yorkshire, England. She grew up in that damp and foggy place in a family near the bottom of the English class system; she came to yearn for a life free of subservience to the whims of the ruling... Read More

Book Review

Directional Sense

by Pamela Harris Kaiser

Getting lost can be frightening, confusing, and upsetting. Most of us have experienced it, and some avoid new and unfamiliar places as a result. If we take our time, however, plan our routes, use available tools, and learn or relearn a... Read More

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