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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 350 pages.

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Book Review

The Art of Gay Cooking

by Rachel Jagareski

In his deliciously witty "The Art of Gay Cooking", Daniel Isengart serves up a memoir with recipes from his youth in France and Germany and from his extensive travels with his husband, artist Filip Noterdaeme. The book is a contemporary... Read More

Book Review

All Out of Pretty

by Hannah Hohman

"All Out of Pretty" is a horrifying story about a young girl with nothing left to lose—and what she does in her desperation. Andrea lives a normal life. She worries about school, has plenty of friends, and enjoys the fringe benefits of... Read More

Book Review

Deep Zero

by Gary Henry

"Deep Zero" distinguishes itself thanks to a powerful blend of vivid writing and legal insight. Facing situations from cyberbullying to murder, District Attorney Dana Hargrove has her work cut out for her in V. S. Kemanis’s compelling... Read More

Book Review


by Felicia Topp

"Blended" is a sympathetic, lighthearted story about the search for meaning. A midlife search for connection and meaning drives Graeme Daniels’s "Blended", a slice-of-life story featuring one woman’s thoughtful, if action-light,... Read More

Book Review

Love Remains

by Claire Foster

Sarah M. Eden’s "Love Remains" is a charming historical romance in the Hope Springs series. It brings together a blind teacher and an Irish berry farmer in Wyoming Territory, in 1871. Tavish O’Connor and Cecily Attwater aren’t... Read More

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