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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 348 pages.

Book Review

The War on All Fronts

by Karen Rigby

A fledgling romance is the focus of Kim Oclon’s sensitive historical novel "The War on All Fronts". In 1967, high school graduates Anthony and Sam are poised to separate. One is bound for basic training by choice, and the other aims... Read More

Book Review


by Andrea Hammer

The autobiographical collection "Essays" covers both aging and hope in its forward-looking trajectory. Focusing on a passion for travel and nature, Howard Giskin’s "Essays" is a philosophical memoir. Wide-ranging and often... Read More

Book Review

Celeste and Chris

by Mari Carlson

The coming-of-age buddy novel "Celeste and Chris" features a tantalizing peek into a bygone era. Set in the 1960s, Manjula Lisa Stokes’s novel "Celeste and Chris" concerns the loving facets of two soul twins’ lifelong friendship. In... Read More

Book Review

Time's Musicians

by Aimee Jodoin

Time’s Musicians is a suspenseful novel whose characters search for redemption, hoping to solve long-standing mysteries. In Mark Paul Oleksiw’s psychological thriller Time’s Musicians, a comic book writer and a retired therapist... Read More

Book Review

Blackquest 40

by Delia Stanley

"Blackquest 40" is a compelling thriller rich in intensity and suspense. Jeff Bond’s action-packed thriller "Blackquest 40" incorporates technology and politics into its intriguing mix. Deb is a young programming genius whose fiery... Read More

Book Review

Cooperative Lives

by Wendy Hinman

Ambitious and sophisticated, "Cooperative Lives" is a diverse and gorgeous tapestry of character studies. Patrick Finegan’s luscious novel "Cooperative Lives" follows characters whose lives change when they are brought into close... Read More

Book Review

The Cardorian Complex

by John M. Murray

Aura readings are at the center of this thoughtful young adult character study. In J. Taylor Baker’s contemplative young adult novel, "The Cardorian Complex", a shy high school student is introduced to esoteric philosophies. As his... Read More

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