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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 347 pages.

Book Review


by Delia Stanley

"Unfathomable" is a high-energy science fiction adventure made intriguing because of its modern and environmentalist viewpoints. In Thomas Pryce’s science fiction thriller "Unfathomable", an environmental activist uncovers a conspiracy... Read More

Book Review

A Transcontinental Affair

by Karen Rigby

The romance of nine days aboard the Pullman Hotel Express gives way to disenchantment when violence on the frontier forces women to choose between silence and freedom. A Transcontinental Affair, Jodi Daynard’s elegant historical novel,... Read More

Book Review

Fishing for Light

by Mark Laiosa

Science fiction that doesn’t take itself too seriously, "Fishing for Light" is a wildly creative story. Take a science fiction story with multiple subplots, add a love element and a bit of satire on twenty-first-century American life... Read More

Book Review

Beyond Compulsion

by Wayne Cunningham

Georges Lefanu is a gambler and a psychotic killer. D. Valencia takes those compulsions to a substantial depth in a penetrating story of Georges’s upbringing, the degradation of Georges’s love-struck partner, and the execution of a... Read More

Book Review

The First Jews in North America

by John Senger

Aaron Hart, patriarch of the prominent Hart family, settled in Quebec in 1760, likely the first Jew to live there. He arrived with the British army as a merchant; nearly two centuries later, in 1938, his great great grandson, Cecil Hart,... Read More

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