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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 345 pages.

Book Review

Wayne's Angel

by John M. Murray

In the Christian fantasy novel Wayne’s Angel, a headstrong woman is driven to pull an aimless musician to the side of good. In Ron W. Mumford’s fantasy novel Wayne’s Angel, a smooth-talking musician faces an existential crisis and... Read More

Book Review

Six by Ten

by Melissa Wuske

Six by Ten: Stories from Solitary, edited by Mateo Hoke and Taylor Pendergrass, compels change by giving a voice to the voiceless. Solitary confinement is one of the dirty little secretes of America’s criminal justice system; sure,... Read More

Book Review

The Torch Betrayal

by Katie Hardy

"The Torch Betrayal" is the best mix of genre standards from a fresh voice. Glenn Dyer’s "The Torch Betrayal" is a well-oiled novel of suspense. While it opens with a rash of overly descriptive adjectives, the story quickly takes over,... Read More

Book Review

The Indigo Girl

by Hilary Daninhirsch

Boyd paints a vivid portrait of a young woman entrepreneur’s defiant and revolutionary spirit. Natasha Boyd’s "The Indigo Girl" introduces an all-but-forgotten, real-life historical figure, Eliza Lucas, while providing a fascinating... Read More

Book Review

The Punch Escrow

by Claire Rudy Foster

It’s 2109. Teleportation coexists with Rome’s iconic Vespa scooters, and the Mona Lisa has just disappeared. Following a plasma storm that knocks out the city’s tech network, Joel Byram wakes up with a very loose grasp on time... Read More

Book Review

American Fallout

by Stephanie Bucklin

Avery Cullins lives an unconventional life. His current “family” includes a live-in boyfriend and pet turtle, very different from the traditional Southern upbringing and family that he left so many years ago. But when Avery’s... Read More

Book Review

The Price They Paid

by Karl Helicher

A Vietnam War correspondent poignantly shares the perilous stories of US chopper pilots and crews and the PTSD that ravaged their lives ever after. The helicopter battles of the failed, “secret” 1971 incursion into Laos were some of... Read More

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