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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 344 pages.

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Book Review

Battle at the Rim

by John M. Murray

This installment of the Jack Hollister series features thrilling elements and clever spycraft that should have universal appeal. America declared its freedom but now needs to fight to stay free in a surprisingly small-scale historical... Read More

Book Review

Wild Girls

by Meg Nola

With literary finesse, the novel leaps through its wild moments with ease. Erica Abeel’s bright and brainy "Wild Girls" follows three friends from their 1950s days at “prestigious but offbeat” Foxleigh College, through the decades... Read More

Book Review

Lying to Children

by Gary Presley

This is an amusing reminder that there is plenty of hardship in raising children, but there is good fun in it, too. Alex Shahla’s "Lying to Children" is a work of connected, humorous fictional anecdotes, some affectionately... Read More

Book Review

King Daniel

by Meagan Logsdon

Nautical twists abound as "King Daniel" excites with its page-turning thrills and familial revelations. Against a colorful backdrop of pirates, family secrets, and intrigue, Susan Wolf Johnson’s "King Daniel" shines as a literary... Read More

Book Review


by Claire Foster

JimLinsa takes a stream-of-consciousness approach in this compelling and creative erotic story. Otorongo, by JimLinsa, is a highly fantastical exploration of cosmic love, destiny, and the spirit world that asks its audience to take a... Read More

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