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Reviews of Books with 321 Pages

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 321 pages.

Book Review

Gretel and Zita

by Mari Carlson

"Gretel and Zita" is an eye-opening political saga concerned with the fates of bears and humans, too. A mountain bear upends a mayor’s burgeoning career in Jiannina Camillo’s novel "Gretel and Zita", which was inspired by true... Read More

Book Review

American Weather

by Joe Taylor

It isn’t often that a reader meets a narrator as duplicitous, as arrogant, as utterly sociopathic as is Jim Haskin, multi-multi-millionaire and president of the San Francisco ad firm, American Weather. AmWe’s twenty-five impressively... Read More

Book Review

Woofs to the Wise

by Maria Siano

What can we learn from a French bulldog about manners? Surprisingly, quite a lot. In a series of email exchanges between Mitchell’s French bulldog, ZsaZsa LaPooch, and her long-time friend and “sister-of-choice,” Forman, the two... Read More

Book Review

The Federalist Companion

by John Michael Senger

The Federalist Papers were newspaper articles published between October 1787 and May 1788 in New York by Andrew Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. These essays were written to convince state voters to ratify the newly written United... Read More

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