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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 305 pages.

Book Review

Off The Well-Lit Path

by John M. Murray

With its focus on vengeance and other dark human tendencies, "Off The Well-Lit Path" is captivating. In M.S. Holm’s bleak thriller "Off The Well-Lit Path", a desperate father attempts to rescue his daughter. Bob Rugg and his daughter... Read More

Book Review

Gypsy Blood

by Benjamin Welton

All the best horror reads like a dream. Actually, more like a nightmare. Jeff Gunhus’s "Gypsy Blood" is peak nightmare aesthetic, and this bizarre murder mystery set in the chilly labyrinth of Paris is sure to keep many awake at night.... Read More

Book Review

The Stargazer's Embassy

by Amanda Adams

An atypical take on aliens among us, Lerman’s novel is executed flawlessly. The Stargazer’s Embassy, by Eleanor Lerman, is a thrilling reversal of the alien abduction trope. Plagued by a lifetime of being followed by “the... Read More

Book Review

The Actress

by Diane Gardner

A subtle faith-based perspective and an uncommon heroine make this mystery one very worth investigating. Michael Hicks Thompson’s charming and compelling whodunit, "The Actress", falls between a hard-boiled detective novel and a cozy... Read More

Book Review

Loving Eleanor

by Michelle Anne Schingler

The relationship between Lorena Hickok and Eleanor Roosevelt is poignantly explored in this intelligent love story with historical roots. A story gleaned from the lines between the scandalous correspondence of writer Lorena Hickok and... Read More

Book Review

Red Stick One

by Jill Allen

Colloquial dialogue and adroit description provide a vivid sense of the physical world this fascinating character inhabits. Kenneth Kirkeby’s richly descriptive, character-driven novel, "Red Stick One", follows three periods of... Read More

Book Review


by Maya Fleischmann

The careful narrative pace allows for an exploration of the secrets of life and death, as perceived by a young Indian boy. “I took my time to come to your world.” This sentence begins the rich and hypnotic story of Baba, which... Read More

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