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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 305 pages.

Book Review

One Giant Leap

by Gail Hoffer-Loibl

A boy is launched into space in "One Giant Leap", an exciting novel for young readers. Ben Gartner captures the wonder and fear of space travel in his thrilling novel "One Giant Leap". Twelve-year-old Fin receives a package in the mail... Read More

Book Review

Winning at Persuasion for Lawyers

by Melissa Wuske

"Winning at Persuasion for Lawyers" is a compelling career guide that suggests clear means of excelling at courtroom speaking. Shane Read’s career guide "Winning at Persuasion for Lawyers" coaches its audience through various facets of... Read More

Book Review

Mt. Moriah's Wake

by Karen Rigby

Mt. Moriah’s Wake is an eloquent novel in which a woman experiences a spiritual homecoming and embraces love. In Melissa Norton Carro’s elegiac novel Mt. Moriah’s Wake, a woman confronts grief about her past and her resultant... Read More

Book Review

The Tree of Knowledge

by Karen Rigby

"The Tree of Knowledge" is a funny and engaging mystery novel whose academic antiheroes regard logic as a training strategy, a weapon, and a cause. In Daniel G. Miller’s cozy mystery novel "The Tree of Knowledge", an Ivy League... Read More

Book Review

Off The Well-Lit Path

by John M. Murray

With its focus on vengeance and other dark human tendencies, "Off The Well-Lit Path" is captivating. In M.S. Holm’s bleak thriller "Off The Well-Lit Path", a desperate father attempts to rescue his daughter. Bob Rugg and his daughter... Read More

Book Review

Gypsy Blood

by Benjamin Welton

All the best horror reads like a dream. Actually, more like a nightmare. Jeff Gunhus’s "Gypsy Blood" is peak nightmare aesthetic, and this bizarre murder mystery set in the chilly labyrinth of Paris is sure to keep many awake at night.... Read More

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