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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 302 pages.

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Book Review

Time's Up!

by Matt Sutherland

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and slept around. Whether those not-so-small peccadilloes take away from their role in forming this country is a matter of debate. But the larger point is that no one escapes this life... Read More

Book Review

From Paul to Saul

by John M. Murray

"From Paul to Saul" is an engaging, faith-driven postapocalyptic novel. In Joel McNenny’s engrossing and thrilling dystopia "From Paul to Saul", a new generation faces an uncertain future, directed by questions of faith, morality, and... Read More

Book Review

Peril in the Old Country

by Claire Foster

Sloot Peril, a modest accountant who is “only as superstitious as required by law,” is an unlikely hero in the humorous fantasy "Peril in the Old Country". With a lyrical flair that evokes P. G. Wodehouse, Peril is funny and fun.... Read More

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