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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 302 pages.

Book Review

The Field Agent

by Karen Rigby

"The Field Agent" is a suspenseful thriller in which unusual teenagers are tasked with accomplishing improbable feats. In R. S. Twells’s captivating young adult thriller "The Field Agent", grief prompts a tech-savvy teenager to... Read More

Book Review

The Antidote

by John M. Murray

"The Antidote" is an informative adventure story in which a boy faces a moral quandary after learning about his incredible inherited gift. In Susan McCormick’s thrilling novel "The Antidote", a boy descended from a line of doctors... Read More

Book Review


by Angela McQuay

The Chicago transit system is the nexus of two seemingly unconnected murders in Tiffany Cates’s unsettling, satisfying novel M-Theory. Donovan rides the train every day, taking note of the different people whom he sees on a regular... Read More

Book Review

The Will to Die

by Michelle Anne Schingler

In the chilling murder mystery "The Will to Die", grifters lurk at the edges of a tight-knit community, threatening its peace. Corporate greed and racist proclivities direct Joe Pulizzi’s small-town murder mystery "The Will to Die".... Read More

Book Review

Time's Up!

by Matt Sutherland

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and slept around. Whether those not-so-small peccadilloes take away from their role in forming this country is a matter of debate. But the larger point is that no one escapes this life... Read More

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