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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 291 pages.

Book Review

The First Barbarian Slave

by John M. Murray

"The First Barbarian Slave" is a fantastical tale of faith and magic. Ansu Turay’s ambitious "The First Barbarian Slave" lays the foundation for an epic fantasy trilogy filled with ambiguous legends and murky ambitions. Acting a... Read More

Book Review

Blind Quest

by Cheryl Hibbard

Bert Tucker has written Blind Quest: Avoiding Pitfalls as a sequel to his first "Blind Quest" novel, Deceived by Experience. Tucker writes science fiction for people who wouldn’t typically pick the genre, and his writing will... Read More

Book Review

Running in Bed

by Joseph Thompson

Nothing changes faster in the gay community than a young person’s coming out experience. In most of the United States, the isolation that once accompanied the realization of one’s homosexuality has gone. Thanks to a growing public... Read More

Book Review

Beneath the Night Tree

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Clandestine interludes and secret babies fill the pages of fiction and grace countless lives. Though the reality of an unplanned pregnancy cannot be easily romanticized, gifted writers have at times depicted its complicated ramifications... Read More

Book Review

The Cracker Factory 2

by Christine Canfield

“In the last forty-plus years there isn’t one second I’ve lived, from absolute joy to utter heartbreak, that would have been made better by drinking,” says Rebeta-Burditt. “Not one.” As a tired young wife and mother of three... Read More

Book Review

Dixie Noir

Dixie Noir is a detective yarn that doesn’t pull any punches, beginning in medias res of a cold-blooded murder somewhere in Montgomery, Alabama. Protagonist Ennis Skinner is a man with little to lose who is bent on “making amends”... Read More

Book Review

The Nurse & The Postmaster

This charming memoir the story of two lovers and their respective journeys to finding true happiness is a romantic and emotional tale told from two varying perspectives each as intriguing as the last. Book One focuses on Zeni a Filipino... Read More

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