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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 290 pages.

Book Review

The Agent

by Eileen Gonzalez

"The Agent" is an understated mystery about a scam whose perpetrators are motivated by much more than greed. A trio of con artists converges on their latest mark in Marsha Roberts’s mystery novel, "The Agent". Victoria’s business... Read More

Book Review

Ring On Deli

by Susan Waggoner

"Ring On Deli" is a rousing and rewarding novel whose everyday heroes resist excessive leaps forward. In Eric Giroux’s witty contemporary novel "Ring On Deli", grocery store workers are determined to stand in the way of technology’s... Read More

Book Review

Dragon Head

by John M. Murray

James Houston Turner’s complex spy thriller "Dragon Head" drags a former KGB agent into an impossible situation with unavoidable deaths. A thief makes off with a hoard of stolen money from the Hong Kong criminal underworld before... Read More

Book Review

13 Billion to One

by Susan Waggoner

"13 Billion to One" is an absorbing memoir about a windfall that leads to considerations of what really matters. Randy Rush’s engaging memoir "13 Billion to One" is about a win so big that the resultant money seemed inexhaustible. The... Read More

Book Review

You've Got Something Coming

by Karen Rigby

One winter, Trucks, a damaged boxer in his forties, takes his deaf daughter, Claudia, out of a children’s home in Wisconsin. In Jonathan Starke’s You’ve Got Something Coming, they hitchhike west for a fresh start. This bittersweet... Read More

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