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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 290 pages.

Book Review

The Long Honduran Night

by Rachel Jagareski

Dana Frank’s intensely personal "The Long Honduran Night" chronicles efforts to redirect America’s foreign policy toward Honduras following its 2009 military coup. After witnessing increasingly violent repression, Frank became an... Read More

Book Review

The Fidelity Factor

by Jeremiah Rood

The book’s writing style is sermon-like, drawing from real life and biblical verses for compelling calls to action. S. Sagoe-Nkansah’s church development book "The Fidelity Factor" vividly explores African Christianity through its... Read More

Book Review

The Bottom of the Sky

by Peter Dabbene

"The Bottom of the Sky" is about two boys, Isaac and Ezra, who are science-fiction fans. They fall in love with a girl they meet at one of their sci-fi club meetings. But it also revolves around a mysterious science-fiction novel called... Read More

Book Review

Devil in the Dark

by Tara Cheesman

Cinematic and fast-paced, "Devil in the Dark" is a satisfying thriller. When a Mexican drug lord attacks a US border-crossing station, the government deploys their secret weapon: a man called Rage. "Devil in the Dark" is the second... Read More

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